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Be inspired, become an author.

We want authors who are original, know their craft, and innovative.

Are you writing technical publications, blogs, YouTube videos, and other material for years?

Write for us and get your voice out in front of global market and make a reputation in the topic you are passionate about. By writing a book, you can further enhance you career and skills. In the process, you will make a valuable contribution to the technical community. The PADEXI editorial and production teams will work with you in a way that is creative, fun, and efficient. The teams make sure that the unique voice come through each book. It makes a difference if you get professional editors and technical reviews on your material.

What technologies we want to cover?

We want to publish technical books for the beginners and intermediate users. The content should be focused on one concept at a time and a challenging project must be included so that readers can create the project themselves using the knowledge gained from the book.We are looking for the authors who could write content [not exceeding 150 pages] on the following topics:

IT, Web, Programming, and Office Productivity

Java, SQL Server, Oracle, Angular, TypeScript, Windows Server, Kotlin, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, Node.js, D3.js, React, Apache, C#, JavaScript, R, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Python, Julia, Rust, ASP.Net, Big Data, MangoDB 3.x, Proxmox, Azure, Raspberry Pi3, TensorFlow, Drupal, ArcGIS, Neo4j, GeoServer, MySQL, PHP, MS-SQL, Swift, UX, Python, Scala, Spark SQL, Android, WordPress, MATLAB, Docker, Blockchain, CSS3/HTML5, MS-Office, and Excel VBA.

Computer Graphics

Paint 3D, Gravit Designer, Vectr, Unity, Unreal, Vizualize, City Engine, Lumion 3D, Filter Forge, Fontself Maker, Illustrator, Photoshop, GIMP, Premiere, Dreamwaever, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Audition, Fusion, Nuke, Animate, InDesign, UX, Maya, Maya Lite, 3ds Max, VRay, Houdini, Rhino, Blender, Sketchup, Keyshot, Octane, and RedShift.

If your favorite topic is not included in the list. Do write to us about it. If people are using it, chances are we’ll publish it.

How long will take me to complete a book?

It depends on the type of content you create but our editorial and production teams will work with you round the clock to meet project deadlines. We want our authors to follow the “Less theory, more practical” approach. We don’t want to bore our readers with tons of theory. We love the “Hands-on Exercises” approach. For books, generally, authors take 1 to 2 months to complete the first draft. After that, its just about editing the manuscript and getting the ready-to-upload versions.

What are the channels PADEXI uses to sell books/eBooks?

Aside from our own website, we sell through multiple global distribution channels including Amazon, and other major eBook platform such as Apple, Google, Kobo, and Barns & Noble.

What editorial support do you provide?

We have a full editorial team including development editors, technical editors, proof readers, and project managers.

What are the Royalty Rates you offer?

We offer generous, most competitive royalty rates available in the industry, including advances. Fill the application form below and we will discuss rates further.

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